You've got the poison, I've got the remedy
Friday, October 10, 2008

okie im back

My new site:

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

La. Don't miss me too much hor! :)
I promise after PSLE (About 80 days later? O.O) I will definitely come back, and then er, shall need you to relink me at my new domain ;D
Cannot say now lah, otherwise not fun liaoh lor!
I must get good PSLE results :D make teachers happy, parents happy, friends happy,
and me happy :D
Oh well, I've to do my portfolio now D:
Ahh tomorrow due lor! Luckily I'm quite good lah so have less to edit :D
Hehe I might change the skin lah (to something pre-made) so you might wanna watch this space.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

//i am bored to hell.

Randomity is contagious through blog posts because after reading Ariel's posts about her random state of mind I've drifted into semi-consciousness, also known as philosophical.
I am bored to hell.
Imagine if someone said "I am bored like hell". That is an incorrect metaphor! Since when was hell boring!
OK that was crap.
When I typed 'Z.' I meant for it to symbolize my boredom, and not a show-off of my ability to type the last letter of the alphabet. Big deal.
I am also searching for a hiatusing blog skin. It'll be imageless. And nice.
I guess not really search for one. Make one is more like it.
No, eh, I will search for one and edit it.
That smiley was not heartfelt. Because I'm conscious in this semi-conscious state of my anti-homework mood. After walking around in Causeway Point. And dreaming of meeting Xiaxue in a coffee shop.
Today me and the people who are at home went for brekkie at Causeway Point, a semblance of anti-routinity. Like 'cos we normally have coffee shop stuff. Which numbs my taste buds.
My brother is now emoing/being stupid:
"It's Papa and Popo and Mei Mei who're stupid. Mummy is not stupid because I never ask anything from her. Jiejie you're also not stupid. It's Papa and Popo and Mei Mei who're stupid. I'll kill them." -proceeds to take toy bought by 'Popo' to I think, attempt to hit aforementioned stupids-
Anyway, we had Ah Kun Toast (that's a nice translation e'nt it? I'm trying to imitate Lyra:D but fail anyway) then when to house-hunt.
Or I should say,
Hamsters are damned adorable lah :D
I'm thinking, if I was in Lyra's world (don't understand try reading 'His Dark Materials' by Philip Pullman ok? Seriously, unless you're anti-his-dark-materials. In which case skip this part) I would be a ... what's that again? Saw the adorable advertisement on while font-browsing yesterday... eh, a degu.
Why so?
1. Degus are adorable like moi.
2. Read the wiki-page.
I shall end this post because of my brother's and grandmother's verbal war. Tata.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@10:55 PM

//me announcing hiatus.

I'm going on a hiatus. Life's a bore D:
Except the ever-thrilling four-letter dreaded word lah.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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Saturday, June 28, 2008


'I've never felt this way before.'
Serious D:
I almost killed my hamster.
The sequence as follows:
1. I took Viver (my hamster) out for a cuddle :D without noticing my sister, People-Slapper and Animal-Hitter
2. After a bit of running (Viver, not me) and hugging (Me, not Viver) I put her on the table preparing to put her back into the cage, one hand grasping her by her tummy (gently of course!)
3. My sister squeezed the hamster. Yes, seriously.
4. The hamster flipped onto its back, squealing in pain and shock. So frightened her pee (serious again) squirted out. Oh my God, it was a pathetic sight.
My thoughts were once again autistic-like and went as follows:
'Oh my God, no, please, Viver. Viver! Don't die, no no no! I need you please ahh Oh my God why like Oh My God Viver! Viver! Don't die please, please, please please! Mummy! Mei Mei squeezed Viver no! Viver -cries-'
Guess what my mum said when she spotted Viver pitifully lying there, like paralysed like that?
'You killed her'
'No! No! Viver! DON'T DIE! Oh My God I need you please, don't leave me... No no no why I'm stupid! Idiotic! Just come back please! Please!'
OK all these while she gradually came to her sense and eh, walked and sniffed and stuff.
OK I'm a sucker. I was responsible for her shock and mental damage.
Yes, my thoughts were very peppered with Oh My God-s.
I don't remember feeling so ... untoey lor. Not even when the nth time I banged my brother's head onto a wall/floor/hard surface. And he needed to be sent to the hospital for concussion etc. which explains the dent in his forehead. Eh, I didn't do anything on purpose lor just very clumsy. D:
But I love them (Viver and my brother)!

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Later on I shall upload a poll! From
Today was a bitty controversial. By controversial I mean causing Ariel to flare up.
Anyway it was the morning exercise bit.
Firstly, refer to Ariel's heated outrage about yesterday's mornin' exercise.
OK now, today, the very same teacher commented that we had improved, both in the actual doing of the exercise and also her new method - putting our hands in front of ourselves first before turning to the other side - with the exception of 6 classes, 6A and B, and 6J-M.
I was, am and will be chaffed about this. I clearly (as well as most of the P6s of course) heard her say that ALL of the pupils in aforementioned classes weren't improving.
I can safely say that at least 5 people improved, including myself, Ariel, Etsuko, Xin Hui and Yan Tong. See? That completely overthrows her sweeping statement.
You mean that these 5 (I'm talking about the worst-case scenario here) people don't feel hurt that our efforts (mainly caused by the lack of throbbing left-arm pain) are simply overlooked by this generalization which is clearly FALSE?
YS said something about that most people from the aforementioned classes were not doing etc. etc. but how could she have known?! She wasn't here yesterday OR today during morning exercise what! Plus, how could see that known that the people from the aforementioned classes didn't try leh? She's not them what! I obviously know that I've tried mah, despite the less-painful-but-still-there pain today.
Well, anyway I shall skip abruptly to a highly disgusting part.
Beware! ;D
So I was threatening to eat LQ's stationery like yesterday. This time the poor like victim was his pen cap (since he snatched the pen away D:). I, on the remarkable dares of some people who are partially responsible, bit the pen. Plus licked it (the pen).
Actually it's tasteless, but still gross.
Following, while LQ's face was still contorted into a look of disbelief, I threw the gross (I cannot believe I think what I did was gross despite the fact that it was me who did the aforementioned disgusting actions) pen cap into the dustbin. Causing him to frantically freaking search for it.
To no avail.
And therefore I had to go over to the dustbin and take the pen cap out lor. Debris blocking the way included:
1. Ariel's bottle
2. Weird potato chip packet
3. Dust, hair and staples
Very eww hor! Why did I do that ah? -faints-
Hmm the noodles I'm eating now are quite nice.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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//my insecure facet.

Yes, I'm blogging again.
My insecure facet was dynamic today so I couldn't help but ask Ariel about three things about me.
1. My personality
2. My egoism
3. My stupidity
Her response for one, originally, was:
toey and plippy
For two:
very...obvious in blog posts lol but not the obnoxious kind
For three:
I of course objected to the adjectives used for describing my personality which are extremely vague. I am actually saddened (yes, saddened, not saddeD:) that she thinks my egoism is not obnoxious!
Believe it - or not - I actually like being obnoxious.
Like when in SS today I shouted to Ariel's group: "Laos is boring!"
From what I saw from the map which totally didn't include shopping malls or playgrounds D:
However it has potential to be the next ecologically-friendly tourist's dream destination and I could invest in it etc. But I shan't tell you more about my ... eh, future investments like LQ suddenly did while ACBC-ing. By saying, "Oh, it actually isn't too bad..."
Causing me to prompt him about the future investment thing.
Causing him to refute this.
But bah.
Anyways, for three I'm also rather displeased. I possess a degree of stupidity let's say, being hungry a minute after eating an entire plate of noodles.
My domestic helper is visibly shocked when I announce this piece of information to her and she is all, "Oh My God" and "Gila ah". When I wanted to eat four slices of cake.
Why so hungry leh! D:
Oh the cake is nutty D:
Me don't likes nuts! D:
Waiting for Ariel's post about today :D
I love lemon tea :D

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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