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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

//raspberry ripple!

Yay! Today bought big 1.5l bottle of Peach Tea.
I am obsessed with peach tea! :O
Yesterday bought tub of Raspberry Ripple ice-cream! This guy horh, just hog that whole nice-ice-cream-as-decreed-by-me area and pick 3 whole tubs of ice-cream lorh! :( And took chocomint!!! EwILLL.
OK distorted word as my keyboard wants it. So many typos leh D:
Anyway today's most HILARIOUS PART was no doubt, Science.
Our group (Toe) cracked toe jokes. Like:
(Our group members' names)
1. Sara-TOE
2. SylTOE
3. PetTOE (XD)
4. Yang Yi TOE (which is funny 'cos there's a Yang Yi in 6k.)
5. Fiona TOE (in CL it's jiao2zhi3ling. My real CL name is zhang1zhi3ling)
And once SylTOE raised his hand to ask our Sci teacher (after my outburst) if he could go to the TOElet. XD
Get this:
*laughs hysterically*
And then when we explained, she blurted out:
Like ToeToe defence?
I didn't know she had such a sense of humour!
Oh yay my keyboard works! Erm...
Yah I think it does lah...
And Ci Hui contributed a jokey type of riddley type of question:
Q/What fruit has 2 toes.
One. Two. Three:
Anyway I ta-ta liaoh. D: No urge to blog now!! This sucks. I WANT TO BLOG! ARGH!
I love The Fray.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'm blogging! :D
Cut hair today at random saloon. This person (lady) who helped me cut my hair was like, smoking outside. I thought that would deter my mother but apparently not. So I got my fringe 'trrrimmed' or rather, shortened.
Brother and sister engaging in heightened fight now, with occasional warnings from grandaunt outside. Brother naked. And he is victorious! ._.
Sister rushes outside in tears. Bawling loudly.
OK anyway, my grandpa got back from hospital for some blocked intestine problem and now he's supposed to be staying with us to like, recuperate? O.O
Heh! I survived a week of taking the bus home by myself. Without him.
My mother says senior citizens like him want to be appreciated. So that's way he fetches moi back from school every day I stay back. Which, of course, stunts my independency.
Whatever lah horh.
Today I helped my brother wash his hair (before aforementioned nakedness). It was with a special mix of 2 shampoos and a mysterious ingredient. :D
Now my brother is guessing what ingredients I nourished his hair with! :D
OK sorry lah this post is damn dry I know lorh!!
I can't help just shuddering at the thought that I can't blog for 2 months. Survivable but...
My blog will feel sad one!
I realised a long time ago my blog is a living thing. *Nods head seriously*
Stupid lah Travis stop counting in negative lorh!
Toeplip him.
OK I got to go liaoh. D: Sorry! Blogging hopefully soon, but cannot confirm it.
OK toodly.
P.S. I want icecream D:

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sorry for lack of updates.
This computer (desktop) LAG LIKE SIAO. ._.
My father ate the internet and set parental controls D:
So sorry lah.
Next time on to blog is June, prolly.
Miss me horh! :D

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

//as i read blogs.

Note: Damn controversial - Religion & Parental Forces
Reading ZX's bloggie and just read Niko's!
Oh yes. My highlight of the day so far, is the blogs.
Now on to that whatever-Jon-or-something person.
From LQ's blog:
so basically 6J is made out of losers,
pagans/heretics, body part-worshippers, and the divinity that interlinks all
(Linqi, not offence to any1
sarcasm)? (Much alike 6K)

In this grammatically-incorrect statement, this 'Jon' person insulted both 6J/K.
Upon seeing such an evil tag I replied:

Are you talking about yourself, Mr. Jon? Toes are
Which isn't very sarcastic (sarcasm level fell due to
second sentence! :O) but still mildly so.

Since when was 6J loserish?
You mean you're a winner? Let me say this: You have absolutely no right to say this. I shall heck-care your later statement after discovering this major fallacy, because oh yes, how patronising it is! :)
Body-part worshippers?
That is insulting my religion.
From Wikipedia:
The term can be defined broadly, to encompass the
faith traditions outside the
Abrahamic monotheistic group of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The group so
defined includes many of the
Eastern religions, Native American religions and mythologies, as well as non-Abrahamic ethnic religions in
More narrow definitions will not include any of the world religions and
restrict the term to local or rural currents not organized as
civil religions.
Characteristic of pagan traditions is the absence of
proselytism and the
presence of a living
mythology which explains religious practice.[1]
No offence to any Christians, but I feel that this person is overboard.
He is most prolly a Christian, I think. Somehow I feel like he's condemning other religions.
I've many Christian friends (Ariel, LQ, LY, etc) and yet none do that. None try frantically to convert and insult other religions. What happened to harmony between people of different religions.
Say what you might, argue that I'm the one who's posting this frankly, lame post and 'insulting Christians'. Tell you what. If I disrespect Christians and their God, I won't capitalise God, nor would I use 'Oh my plip' instead of the alternative. If I heck-cared all that I would not stop using the said alternative when my Christian relatives/teachers said that it was blasphemy. That's because I respect others' religions and races. I don't discriminate.
And guess what?
People like that Jon or whatever, they give their religions a bad name.
You think the rest of the people hated Christians since birth? Surely they must have a bad experience with Christians, isn't that so? I don't refer to those bigots.
I simply hate people who try hard to convert (and fail!).
I hate people who discriminate.
I hate people who curse non-Christians, by saying they'll go into Hell for being non-Christians.
Ludicrous. Even kind and good non-Christians will go to Hell? Does that mean that ewil bad sheeps among Christians will fly to Heaven and sing with the Angels?
Notice I'm capitalising stuff.
Anyway, off the another controverisal issue. The Parental Forces.

Mr. English told me not to be too cynical (never knew I was ._.) but I had had enough.
Of course, I don't mean those who genuinely respect us little children. I mean those who think we're part-time, no, make that full-time domestic helpers and toys.
Touchy, ain't it? I seriously feel for Niko and ZX.
Thank plip (O_O!) that my mum only gets her relapse once in a while.
I cannot imagine being Niko.
Nor ZX.
:) Save the Earth! :O

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

//random day.

Yayness! Came back from Supp and now shall narrate my day's story.
Starting from morning.
Got off the bus and saw Ariel sitting on the bench at the courtyard. Spoke to her for a bit (while asking her how to sprain an ankle so I could be exempted as well!) before deciding to go up, alone, while frantically trying to sprain my ankle.
D: I didn't succeed! Did I tell you about my launch from the bench to the stage-like thingy? Basically horh, I ran to the stage-thingy, and used the Commit Suicide method (as created by Ariel, by erm, hugging the high jump mat, or in this case, the stage thing) before running back, clearly very robust.
I am sad.
Anyway, the morning reading passed with no pain whatsoever.
It was frankly, damn hilarious, watching Ariel trying to do her morning exercise.
Fast forward English (OMP (Oh My Plip) RECORD TIME OF 4HOURS OF EL A DAY!). I had to rush my rewriting of compositionD: Only had till Supp class ok! :O Skipped recess and portion of erm, Lunch._.)
Ohya! You know, today we did EL the Generalisations thingy horh, then must type out right? We all nominated Ariel for typing (120wpm. Scary boh?!). Her eyes instantly lit up, and she RAN to the teachers' table.
Let me repeat that.
Fast forward other subjects till end of Supp class.
Mr. Tan go and ask me and Ariel to meet him! :O Apparently I should use less of the computer (30minutes a day, how 'bout that?) AND write letters to Ariel. -_-'
I'm quite excited.
After that, went bus stop. Chatted to PF a while then she left then 961 came by droning. My grandpa tried to squeeze me among all the senior citizens, schoolpeople and whatnot! Got a seat at the very back and immediately felt it was damn hot sehs. Two sweaty people next to you doesn't actually help very much. I slept a while and woke (prolly due to heat!) and thought my stop was coming soon! :O OK, so it turned out negative so I slept some more ._. and when I woke up and got off the bus I discovered the secret behind the heat.
The stupid engine or some stupid humming thing was freaking right below lorh.
My poor calves distinctly felt it lorh! D: It was this hot, humming thing! From books and past experiences me gathered it was the engine! :O (Overrated)
Do correct me if I'm wrong. I shan't heck-care you :D
I tell you something. A slimming secret.
You know saunas supposed to help in that right? But sauna damn ex unless you purposely buy a condo horh! You should wear less less (or erm, maybe just everyday outing clothes) and go take that same bus, same trip for a few hours. I gurantee (sp?) you will lose weight! Somemore it's super cheap lorh! Less than $5, I assure you! :D
That bus to identify is the seats all un-soft one. Like no fur.
The what what transit shouldn't scrap the buses lorh! Can save for all those poor but prosperous people (LMAO OXYMORONIC) to lose weight~:)
Yayness! I rock! Came up with such a brilliant idea! :D
After that I went home and blog lorh! :O
So shocking eh.
By the way on the way I saw a lady eating that nice Mcdonalds ice-cream! That vanilla drenched in chocolate fudge one! Issit Sundae ah? I immediately craved:
1. French fries
2. That ice-cream
3. Bubble Tea
I want to spend the rest of my non-existent perfect (with no diseases/dying of overeating of any foods/overusing of computer) life alternating between shopping nice stuffs, going out, computering all day, with 3 meals a day variations of above set (French fries, ice-cream and bubble tea)! I will make Mcs rich and Sweettalk rich! :D Hyper-super rich!
And then I will-
OK stop being so gluttony.
Remind yourself.
You will get fat.
You will get fatter.
You will belong in Fat Momma jokes.

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