You've got the poison, I've got the remedy
Thursday, July 10, 2008

La. Don't miss me too much hor! :)
I promise after PSLE (About 80 days later? O.O) I will definitely come back, and then er, shall need you to relink me at my new domain ;D
Cannot say now lah, otherwise not fun liaoh lor!
I must get good PSLE results :D make teachers happy, parents happy, friends happy,
and me happy :D
Oh well, I've to do my portfolio now D:
Ahh tomorrow due lor! Luckily I'm quite good lah so have less to edit :D
Hehe I might change the skin lah (to something pre-made) so you might wanna watch this space.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@12:06 AM

Sunday, July 6, 2008

//i am bored to hell.

Randomity is contagious through blog posts because after reading Ariel's posts about her random state of mind I've drifted into semi-consciousness, also known as philosophical.
I am bored to hell.
Imagine if someone said "I am bored like hell". That is an incorrect metaphor! Since when was hell boring!
OK that was crap.
When I typed 'Z.' I meant for it to symbolize my boredom, and not a show-off of my ability to type the last letter of the alphabet. Big deal.
I am also searching for a hiatusing blog skin. It'll be imageless. And nice.
I guess not really search for one. Make one is more like it.
No, eh, I will search for one and edit it.
That smiley was not heartfelt. Because I'm conscious in this semi-conscious state of my anti-homework mood. After walking around in Causeway Point. And dreaming of meeting Xiaxue in a coffee shop.
Today me and the people who are at home went for brekkie at Causeway Point, a semblance of anti-routinity. Like 'cos we normally have coffee shop stuff. Which numbs my taste buds.
My brother is now emoing/being stupid:
"It's Papa and Popo and Mei Mei who're stupid. Mummy is not stupid because I never ask anything from her. Jiejie you're also not stupid. It's Papa and Popo and Mei Mei who're stupid. I'll kill them." -proceeds to take toy bought by 'Popo' to I think, attempt to hit aforementioned stupids-
Anyway, we had Ah Kun Toast (that's a nice translation e'nt it? I'm trying to imitate Lyra:D but fail anyway) then when to house-hunt.
Or I should say,
Hamsters are damned adorable lah :D
I'm thinking, if I was in Lyra's world (don't understand try reading 'His Dark Materials' by Philip Pullman ok? Seriously, unless you're anti-his-dark-materials. In which case skip this part) I would be a ... what's that again? Saw the adorable advertisement on while font-browsing yesterday... eh, a degu.
Why so?
1. Degus are adorable like moi.
2. Read the wiki-page.
I shall end this post because of my brother's and grandmother's verbal war. Tata.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@10:55 PM

//me announcing hiatus.

I'm going on a hiatus. Life's a bore D:
Except the ever-thrilling four-letter dreaded word lah.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@5:09 AM

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However, if for whatever reason you decide not to be me,
You should delete all this and put in your own profile.
I'm paranoid of all the people I meet
you get the idea.

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