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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


D: Had fever yesterday and still having fever now! D:
Very untoey! D:
But I feel kinda OK - except for that irritating slight headache (rather forehead heat but never mind). Yesterday I slept from about 4p.m. to 6p.m. (frequently waking up to emo about my headache) and then I bathed, before stumbling to my grandma's room to whine about my fever. She gave me these really giant (serious! Each as big as half your thumb) tablets and a meagre amount of water! D: Asked me to top up after first tablet (very tired and untoey now) and then ate the second tablet after drinking the more water.
Finally dragged myself to brother's bed (we sleep in like the double-decker kind and reason why I slept on his bed is: 1. His one is the bottom one and I really too tired to walk up le! D: 2. I was afraid I would vomit on my bed (I did that once and it was gross leh) and so being ewil (hey, he doesn't even sleep on his bed lorh! D: He plans to alternate between my parents' room and my grandma's room until he's in uni - obviously weird, but never mind) me I slept on his bed!
Woke up a few times because of too much noise. Slept until about 4 today (I was really tired and tried to sleep again!) until grandma woke moi up gently grandma thought I was asleep and prodded me gently (although I was awake and trying to sleep-_-) and asked me if I was still down with fever. Took me temp. and was like, 37.3C I told no. So then I did my morning routine, periodically taking my temp. and being hysterical when it rose by 0.1C ._.
Sneaked my thermometer into school ;)
Took temp. very often (I think consecutively) and wailed to friends.
Ariel ranted about the speaker (in the hall)'s pronunciation of 2 chinese characters until my headache got worse. Argh. (Spread fever to her though ;D She was constantly calling me 'ewil')
Lalala. That ends it! :D
I so do not like Ariel's latest post. ENOUGH HOUSE!

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@10:30 PM

Monday, May 26, 2008

//tag quiz by sylvia toe.

1. Do you enjoy watching porn?
Don't even watch it, and I wouldn't any. Ew. D:

2. What do you want the most now?
♥♥♥, $$$ :D Same as Sylvia!

3. Do you believe in afterlife?
YES and I want to have a perfect afterlife in Heaven ;D

4. Do you hate your friends sometimes?
Duh yeah. Hating some right now. D:

5. When do you wish to die?
When I feel that I've done enough with my life (when I'm 90, perhaps :D)

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
-_-; Saw liaoh lah.

7. What impossible things you would wish to do?
Erm, have superpowers ;D and become a cleaner :D

8. Do you believe in eternal love?
Still yes because I haven't been there.

9. Have you broken someone's heart that he/she tried to commit suicide?
Eh, no.

10. What feeling do you love most?
Peaceful, with dark windy clouds + a camera going anywhere I'd loved to. Like Sylvia!

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Erm, likes me? And eh, isn't ugly and skinny like a bamboo pole? And erm, got credit card! :D

12. What feeling do you hate the most?
Cheated/betrayed, angry

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
Yeah :D

14. Is there anything you're looking forward to in the next few weeks?
Erm, HOLIDAYS MAH! :D Possibly my mum's bringing me someplace fun (after I've done enough revision of course :))

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
My life, my passion and erm, my toes! :D

16. Who do you hope to be always there for you?
Family and best friends and bf (if I have one lah).

17. Do you find life meaningless?
Somethings when I'm emoing D:

18. Who do you love the most?
Ego me of course;)

19. What's your latest injury?
I think, stress fracture.

20. Is there a quote you live by?
How to save a life.

21. Who's the last person you slapped?
Ariel. Always Ariel :D

Instructions: Remove 1 question from above, and add in your personal question,
then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post.
Notify them in their tagboard that he/she has been tagged.
Whoever does the tag will have a blessing from all. Here it goes...
Add this question in, "Have you ever had a crush on someone 'forbidden'?" Like teacher, old guy, etc.

I wanna tag:
1. Ariel
2. Niko
3. Xuannie:D
4. Lex ;)
5. Sylvia (OK lah you don't want do never minddd:D)
6. Mrs. Chan Erm, Michelle! :D
7. Rachel
8. Thesockparody
9. (in case Sylvia don't want) Yvonnie ;)

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@10:32 PM


First we listened to briefings etc. Then we set off for NTUC! :D
I was mostly left out D: of the actual cooking because my dear group members delegated me to the honorable task of cleaning whatever they'd messed up, and I'm still pissed. }:(
It's not like their skills are that good right? Fine, XH was innovative ;) in her Fruit Platter layout thingy, and Yen Siang was super good at cutting fruit and helping, but Etsy and YYX ... Erm, it'll suffice to say that they don't look like they've been in the kitchen before.
Etsy while stirring the batter according to Ms. Science AKA DaChangJin split some batter and continued happily stirring it while more nice smelling batter dripped down the Tupperware.
Oh yes, I didn't know Ms. Science was so damn good at baking etc. lorh! She knew exactly how to beat the batter (in the baking sense) and aided us in the operation of the Waffle Iron! ;)
Mr. EL wasn't here D: but in a way it was good... He didn't get to witness an accident and its aftermath. Quite a few GEPers will know and practically all of 6J/K. Hm, some things are just better left unspoken.
Rawr I missed the Mass Convo yesterday lorh! Very angry! D:}
OK that emoticon looks stupid (kinder alternative: toeplip)
*sniff* I seem to have gotten the cold from Etsy and YS! D:
Ah digressed, erm, well, I guess my group was OK lah, but I hate the way they treat me as though I was an errand girl. D: I got to mix a bit of the batter and pour it into the waffle iron and eat the apples and a strawberry but that was all. SERIOUS.
Not like I don't want to help and I never whined but they still ignore me lorh! Except the time YYX could tell the obvious displeasure in my voice about just looking and walking around washing dirty plates and asked Etsy if I could pour the batter into the waffle iron. I didn't even get to pour until the 'plates' were full lorh - Ms. Science barged in whilst I was happily scooping the smooth and vanilla-y and took over. D:
Then we used my sandwich maker leh, to make a puffy kinda French Toasty thing. :D Looks quite nice lorh but Ms. Science said it wasn't good enough. D:
I realise my sentences are mostly peppered with D:s and lorh.
Anyway, I know you will think this is a bit un-chronological but whatever! }:(
Ahah, during the party horh, I drank lots of Orange Squash and Pasta+Spaghetti and Fried Rice. Didn't eat the acclaimed sushi, nor my own group's work. Actually, no appetite to eat because of the accident that happened before, you see.
Now I shall go on surfing the net and chatting to Ariel.
Promise only a short while! :D

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@10:03 PM

//anticipation building lorh.

We making Waffles/Fruit Platter (chocolate splatter!)!
So damnnnnn excited lorh.
Ah! Cheer:
Toe, plip, toe plippy plip!
Tomorrow Shopping Day let's all leap!
Toe, toe, plip toey toe!
Forgive my pathetic try to make this go!
I hopes to run to all four classes and sample all the foods *evil grin*.
And I shall consume all the waffleys! :D

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@4:19 AM

Sunday, May 25, 2008

//battle of 7 days.

Such is the current (dying) flame war on Ariel's blog.
The main troops for the opposing side are:
1. suigeneris
2. sherry
3. random/grace
4. retard
For Ariel's side:
1. ariel
2. flff, me (and all my alias)
D: So vastly outnumbered. But please don't try to help. It's confusing enough as it is! D:
Now I'll post the opposing troops' methods of battle!
SUIGENERIS:Acts noble, use cheem words and makes sense though participates only sometimes. Emotional manipulation, belittling
SHERRY: Uses the fact that she's a bio student (:O That's so hard to achieve!) to attack us, along with her supposed level of superiority (basically nil?). Rallied retard, I think. Oh yeah, and uses incorrect grammar and spelling. D: Belittling, insults
RANDOM: Attacks coherently and rather inactive. Hits are occasional, and of medium-strength. After being overwhelmed escapes and reappears a while later. Insults, emotional manipulation
RETARD: Angry with Ariel for calling him retard, and of course that makes no sense because his name is retard (we've nothing else to call him!). Method somewhat like Sherry's only less sarcastic and more angry and direct.
Belittling, insults
OK let us move to a cheery topic!
Erm, I've none.
Whatever ta! :D Revision -_-;
Hope to bump to suigeneris. He could be erm, a worthy opponent?
Speaking of which, some attacks on him:
1. So you are such a devoted GEP student that you side with the people who think Ariel (and I) are elitist, and seriously you think that people who call another party *ahem* are better? -.-'
2. Me/Ariel didn't use the fact that we were GEP students to annihilate the other party. We just mentioned it, and so what if we did? There was no malicious intent, whatever your conscious might tell you.
Ta. :D

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@10:20 PM


I is wib love wib lolcatz:D
I is wanting to makes lolpepz :D
I muz stops usin dish brokan Engrish! :(
(Dish belows piccies from MIXOLOGIES:D)

Caption this picture
Caption this picture
From! :D

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@5:59 AM

//very excited about tmr's tmr.

Random re-strikes (randomly).
That is, the random on Ariel's cbox who is really random (maybe that's why he/she's called random?). Something about thinking Ariel thinks everyone else except her is a retard. Which is not true, because obviously she doesn't think that (insert smart guy here) is a retard, rendering the entire blatantly erroneous statement ... wrong!
Waha. Am in bloggish mood today. I seem to be in bloggish moods whenever I've a portfolio due the next day. It must be a psychological condition.
What the plip I've no idea what I was talking about. Forgive my mental power, or rather the lack of it. *sigh*
Random ._.
Decided to organise moiself! :D Do portfolio first, then Maths tuition homework, then... pack stuffs and organise schedule then I guess, revise (like I've the time lah please)?
Rrright. :)
Anyways I'm like excited about tomorrow's tomorrow which is the Class Party/Shopping Day.
Not, for your information, Class Day/Shopping Party. Which in my opinion will rock like plippiness but nooooooo.
(Oh yeah I plans to change mon blogskin! To darkdegree! :D)
OK I've to do my actual portfolio now. Toodley.
Ha! To continue above hyperness. My group, consisting of XH Etsy YYX Teddy FLFF will be making 2 stuffs: Waffles, and fruit platter (chocolate splatter) (That rhymes! Woot! :D)
Waffles to be made in weird sandwich maker (mine) and not resembling waffles at all! D: But will still taste like it lorh. :D Will be spread with perhaps jam! :O
Fruit platter will be splattered with chocolate syrup and will be made up of erm,
1. bananas (not nuts (ew))
2. apple :D
3. strawberries
I think. And oh
4. pears
Mrs. Maths walked over in midst of our very sensible discussion (with her cammie to boot) and said that strawberries were $8. :O And continued with her recitation of the prices of the needed stuffs.
Hastily we cut down to about $28 only. :D $3 over budget but still ok lah.
Bye (for real) might be checkin' out skins.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@3:31 AM

Saturday, May 24, 2008

//trying to figure out life.

"It's a damn, cold, night.
Tryin' to figure out this life."
This is a very apt song for mon current emotions.
Firstly there's the whole DSA thing. And then the entire PSLE thing. Plus the erm, organising thing. I totally have OCD and I get very upset when I discover that my life is actually an entire mess. Great.
DSA: (employing Mrs. SS's portfolio comment to put subheadin's)
1. I must say Mrs. SS's scenario during the DSA talk by some vice-something was quite true (about Ariel going to RGS, then Fiona would want to go to RGS, etc.) and therefore I is confused.
RGS: Etsy, YYX, Niko, (Ariel), Elaine
NYGH: mon cousin, (Ariel), plus that whole 250^ thing
CGS: BSkinner, plus it's meant for the more linguistically-inclined which is ... me?
Argh. This is confusing! Alright then I apply for all - and hope I'll get through - lorh. ._.
Mug lorh. Ahh and one whole holiday mugging! OMPlip. D:
Nothing helps. Shiattaye.
I need love. TLC. Whatever. My mum is being extremely disparaging, and untoey.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@9:11 PM

//dsa and all the troubles.

For a person with almost zilch achievement except for being very idiotic and sociable, it's gonna be hard to successfully get into NYGH. A bskinner whom I admired propagandized me to join Crescent Girls' High, 'cos she's a Crescentian!
Rawr! Either NYGH or RGS, and if I'm that pathetic, then I'll go to CGS lorh. Sorry! ~
I'm presently frantically trying to think of tiny stuff to put into Testimonial. D:
I really should just give up eh...
Sads. DD:
I'm such a lovable and cheerful girl! :D Too bad S'pore's a meritocratic society who don't care no damn 'bout your wonderful personality.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@6:01 AM

Thursday, May 22, 2008

//napfa w00te.

Yesterday was NAPFA! For 5 stations, got 5 As! :D
Happy toe is me! :D
Ariel refuses to lend me her House VCD and internet don't have lorh! So untoey one. Tsk.
My life's is spiralling downward, and much boring. Rawr.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@12:13 AM

Sunday, May 18, 2008


My mother is really quite what.
She went on to complain about my lousy blog compared to my friends (friends 1, me nil). And how they're SO organised while mine's like shiat (friends 2, me nil). Like they're updated etc. and mine's not (friends 3, me nil).
Firstly, the first point is subjective. Secondly, I don't see much of a difference, do you? Not like my profiles etc. are spilling over and stuff.
Thirdly, the reason I hardly ever blog these days is because of your ban, maybe?
Now seriously trying/attempting to do third portfolio. Failing because I'm blogging and chatting. Which anyway, brings me to:
I hereby proclaim today official P6 GEP PORTFOLIO DAY!
Lots of P6 GEPers (from NYPS, at least) are online doing portfolio lorh! Because tomorrow's the due date for the 1st/2nd one! :D
Eh wait.
OK I really should scoot and do the portfolio thingy. Done with coverpage (excessive use of colour, btw.)

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@11:45 PM


Vesak Day today!
Yesterday went temple and erm, my father signed me up for some camp thing.
Which frankly I don't actually relish the thought of cheering and singing in this group of strangers. Wed-Fri, but Math tuiton on Thurs so maybe cannot go :D
First time I like Math tuiton seh! :D:D:D
BTW my lappie's connection is DOWN (also desktop's not, which is weird lorh)
Ah portfolio!!
OK byes now.
P.S. Any my-group members tag me on tagboard/email moi!

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@8:09 PM

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

//aircon man came and went.

I'm a poet and didn't know it._.
You see, my title is :
//aircon man came and went.
Rhymes right!!
Anyway, I totally made milkshake for Ariel to test and she said it tasted weird.
Prolly 'cos ice-cream's too valuable in our household and I didn't put it in.
Plus my 'put in blender' was 'shake in bottle'.
Today was quite OK. Went through some test papers, did Oral Presentation. Was very enthusiastic. I'm good at doing that.
FPS we went to computer lab to do presentation. My group is assuming the role of a Hong Kong parliamentary member (sounds damn cheem when you say it) and along it all I was trying out different accents such as:
1. Indian
2. Hong Konger
3. Singlish ._.
4. British/Australian mix (sounds quite posh :D But group member couldn't understand D:)
So untoey!!
Oh yeah, Ariel's recent catchphrase is something like:
'What a bad situation. So ...'
Leaving me to shout 'Untoey!'
Class Party/Shopping Day where we shop for food and cook 'em in class somewhere late May during May/June holidays seeming unpromising. I mean, I can't exactly lug an entire stove along to fry an egg, can I?
So untoey.
Just now was held up by aircon man(s) in room lorh. D: So untoey!
Anyway, class @ 4 D: So gtg do portfolio lah horh~
Be on on MSN if you want to speak to me.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@11:36 PM

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am a boliao person and therefore I thought of making mon own bubble tea! :D
I am a relatively uncommonsensey person and therefore I got HL milk.
Causing said bubble tea to taste weird.
And I actually forgot the stupid sugar lorh._.
Anyway said bubble tea is browney, which ain't the correct colour but neh minds. I put too lil' milk and like 3/4 cup of tea! D:
Desperately need sugar! Argh.
OK BRB gets sugarrr:D.
Sweeter now (!) but weirdy HL taste still there.
I microd the sugar and a bit of milk and glucose to get a sticky mixture (few drops). This my domestic helper has to clean up.
Anyway the sweet mixture helps 'cos a few drops gets it lots sweeter! : D
Wonder if I should trick my brother so that he'll drink my concoction - choccie of course...
Heh I'm damn ewil right?
Ta need to do EL D:
(I went kitchen saw that sticky stuff now is like, unstick?)

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@1:03 AM

//mark my words.

Ah! After exams results (most of them lah) are out!! :D
See, my overly excitable sentence did nothing to tell you I got the 2nd lowest in Maths for 6J/K!!
By the way the Western chickenchop set's bread I just ate was nice lorh! :O Me wants more!
OK erm, so lemme state mon marks to you! :
MATH - 72.5 (SA) 73.4 (Combined)
EL - 85/95 (Main Paper) 29/30 (Oral) 26 (CompoD:) 86 (Combined)
CL - 88/90 (Main Paper:D) 29 (CompoD:)
HCL - 25 (!? CompoD:)
Compositions seem to be my bane.
Last period Mr. Plip droned through much reflections. I unfortunately had a weird stomachache like erm, dunno leh! ._.
Anyway I was groaning (serious) about it and then we had a few laughs.
LQ says I'm obsessed with Touch My Body.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@12:00 AM

Sunday, May 11, 2008

//mother's day.

:D Celebrated M's Day yesterday with aplomb of NDPs! :)
Wrote a nice poem (rrright) and designed a random image made by blending our family's photos together. Then attempted to surprise her with a flashlight in the dark room (close door, window and off light).
Which, FYI, we failed lah.
Now Ariel's loading House eps for moi, which she's really willing to because... Erm, this response is positive~! :D
Got Maths back and v. facadey while people got their results, clapping and smiling this entirely fakey smile. I totally felt super bipolar then lorh, happy and sad at the same time.
OK so you know what kind of marks I got, roughly, then?
EL's okie lah, 86, but I was kinda hoping for 88 or something.
CL misread the 48/50 as 40/50 and got my toes in a twist while frantically checking and re-checking whether the freaking computer made a mistake in computing my marks!! Then recheck the marks on OAS and discovered mistake ._. Yipppeee! :D I rock! *dance*
For compre I'll get a maximum minuse (my word) of 6 marks so should be dandy and toey!!
By the way horh, Ariel damn ewil said toey is a like, synonym of bad lorh!!
Hah. Assembly Ariel was uptight and getting her toes in a twist (as usual), ranting about the teacher/presentation's format and EL and CL. I totally agree lorh!! There were obvious grammatical errors and somemore got one word- wrangles- used wrongly! Context was something like: 'No hand bands (should be wristbands), wrangles (lol) or bracelets'.
A webbie stated:
wran·gle (rnggl)
v. wran·gled, wran·gling, wran·gles
To quarrel noisily or angrily; bicker. See Synonyms at argue.
1. To win or obtain by argument.
2. To herd (horses or other livestock).
1. The act of wrangling.
2. An angry, noisy argument or dispute.
*gesticulate* Totally out-of-point liaoh leh! ._. XD
I finally remembered what wrangle meant when Ariel got uptight (again) about her hands going numb and the music concert being a few minutes later (approx. 10?) (Which was wrong, by the way. On 21st May, the concerto is!) and started hysterically wrangling and shaking and clapping them. -.-
Zheng Hong was super annoying as usual and pestered moi about erm, his blog?
During SS horh we did FPS (Future Problem Solving) and guess what? I touched (no pun intended) on the topic of the Mariah Carey hit, Touch My Body/Toe.
OK remove the Toe part lah.
Really lorh! It's about...
OK lah don't spoil it for you go see for yourself...
Maybe not horh?

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@11:40 PM

Thursday, May 8, 2008

//mr. *plip*.

Indeed this is my 2nd short post today! I'm like, trying to blog more often (the bug is back) but tsk!
OK on second thought don't rubitin.
Thanks a whole bunch while I sulk in a corner.
Oh yes, Mr. Plip came over to scrutinize Ariel's blog while I was toggling with the gleam of my former professionalism. Yes, Mr. Plip.
Mr. Plip's profile:
Profession- EL Teacher. My EL Teacher.
Age- Due to privacy whatevers I shall not divulge this highly personal information because like, 1 million people are at the age of 33. Oops.
Toe- Haven't seen it, sadly D:
OK better space 'cos he's coming...

Great! :D @ and purposely flashing to everyone in sight.
Erm, flashing the SCREEN.
Argh how long exactly have I been off the computer!!! DD:
So many SOTDs and Frenskins (my super original name for Friends' Skins) unchecked lorh!!
OK Ariel's outburst of 'TOE' did not actually like, HELP? ._.
We-ll. Okies buai now 'cos I wanna check something out lah!

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@10:10 PM

//i is back.

The passion for blogging has seemed to leave me, along with any coherent sense or grammer.
Explains my rather dismal mark of 26/40 for EL compo.
Oh, just let me wallow in misery while Ariel the non-human happily boasts about her marks.
That sucks. :D
OK erm, I toed you that I lost my sense right?
Oh yah, eh Mr. Tan our EL teacher let us like, use the computer lab! :O
But of course in my first line I told you I lost the flames of love for blogging right?
Yes but I'm still blogging for the plain heck of it!
Ah yes, I'm now a Star/VIP in my schoolbus, because I starred in various hilarious vids that the cameraman showed off. Blah.
Some famous lines include (must-quote):
'Toe you.'
Whatever. I need lame humour to amuse moiself D:
And today got Section A marks for Math, my weakest subject D:
95%!!! :OOO
I totally like, hyperventilated and like, erm, fainted? Er, no...
Bye. -.-

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@9:27 PM

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