You've got the poison, I've got the remedy
Monday, March 31, 2008


Hi everyone!
Learning to type on this computer keyboard.
It's very bouncy and difficult for me... But I'm getting used liaoh! :D
Hehe... ;) Don't ask how I get onto the computer one ok! I will not answer!
I shan't blog about many exciting events that're before today (i.e. past events) 'cos I'm damn lazy and don't want to type so much! XD
Wahaha blame my mother lorh._.
OK stop being so happy lah.
*takes deep breath*
*count one to ten*
Ey isn't this stopping being angry!?
Eek. I'm speaking to my otherself! :O\
OK cut the lamity and start starting.
(So many typo)
Me prefers me lappie D:
My mum blardey go and confiscated it lorh!
All that crap about giving me 2 hours, getting more free time by getting those little stars or stickers or whatnot (I know it's lame, but ... It's supposed to work?) is UTTER CRAP. That 2 hours? *snort* For school work. That star/sticker thingy? Just to prevent me from hollering more than I'm already am, because guess what? The number of stars/stickers is still the same.
Kosong. It's not like I didn't work for them ok. When I tell my mum about some praise, word done, etc. she go and say, "Oh, that's good, keep it up," and no material reward! What can that sentence do when it's uttered everyday! It's not like I don't know that's all to appease my little heart!
I had enough!
:O Understatement lah.
Anyway, today Ariel had a bad day lah.
Started with *ahem*.
Then I go and make her angry by messing up her hair for the photo._. Which resulted in her angrily staring at me on her side. -_-' Then we went down, she still rattling lividly about my supposed styling. We ate somestuff, then went to bookshop. Me, I bought this whole piece of star stickers. Ariel wanted to buy something (deciding) but alas, the small hand of the clock stroke erm, twelve, and the official recess was over! Bookshop lady decided to turn her away which unluckily for moi, resulted in some loud shouting. P5 wushu people put their stick or spear thingies at the bench there at the canteen, which made her even more furious and rantish D:
I pity myself sometimes.
But I like apple tea :D
OK random.
Fast forward.
So, then she go and sprain her ankle during Supp! :D
Oops. I mean, D:
Yah so me and YX brought her up - while I suffered some injuries of my own, falling to the ground with a hysterical Ariel! D: Her face was contorted with the evil features of a stepmother and she cackled with every poor step we took.
OK actually she only laugh a bit lah.
Erm, then we went through some CL Oral stuff.
Me and YS brought Ariel down the lift, then this hyperewil teacher ask, no, commanded us to get out of the lift lorh! I was holding Ariel's freaking bag! You do not expect a girl with an injured ankle to carry her heavy bag! That is ridiculous lah! Why some teacher like so like that one ah!
Oh and Ting's blog states Ms. Phua is getting married this year-end! Grats lah! *weeps tears of joy* Finally, a SOTD!
Oh, that reminds me! Today's EL we did a composition, and guess what?
The main character was Mr. Tan! Rawr! :D
I so anticipate his look._.
Anyway, effing sorry for effing stupid post D:
I dunno what's wrong with me lorh. I'm just narrating. Without earlier remote humour and FLFF-ishness! D:
Oh die today got piano.

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@2:25 AM

Sunday, March 30, 2008

//very waited.

To crap with the English of the title, I've to rush! :(
OK so damn sorry aboutthe lack of updates horh.
D: My lappie was confiscated to my mum's office!
Plan to sneak onto computer desktop on Monday.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@3:49 AM

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I need to organize my thoughts! :O
(Yah, crap post eh)
I dunno if I should just conform. Seems so much easier, en't it?
Just follow what THEY say.
Whoever they are.
I don't wanna lose my individuality! :(
I want to be special. Unique.
Someone who rocks in her own way!
I will delete my blogs that contain me daily life.
I promise, next URL will be my last.
Because I'm moving on.

I won't forget
You were the one that was wrong
I know I need to step up and be strong
Don't patronize me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.


You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@4:56 AM

Grh. The only interesting thing that happened today was - *gulp* - the Parents' and Teachers' Meeting Session! :O
Haha, here's the schedule-like thing or whatever ._.
1. 40: Met me parents at the gate! :D Then we went canteen, then I got them to take the lift up while I ate :D My mum bought me a Breadtalk bread and dad bought me currypuff O_O. Aha, then I stayed at canteen to eat (didn't in the end -_-) but in the end I got myself a mango juice drink and my parents I-Plus Apple! :O Then me went up.
*walk walk walk, hiding bottle of drink! :O*
2.10: Pft, turns out meeting at 1.30 :O Teacher talked a bit to my parents and I listened a bit (now I forgot le). Therefore I mixed around with the other GEPers! :O
2.10 ~: Gossiped about parents. Mothers in particular! ._. There was this ... OK I shouldn't be a meanie! Meanie! :D
Wrong emoticon.
OK anyway, my mum decided to heed my teachers' advice (can you believe, ALL of them were ewil!) to remove the lappie.
I want my lappie D:
OMG I'm emoing again.
WHY! My posts suddenly all suck. D: Even though like, today's a wonderfully bloggish day!
I should close my blog, really.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@4:36 AM

Monday, March 24, 2008

//piano adventure

Rawr! Back from piano lesson :D
Today I had an adventure.
Sorry, gonna be short post okies D:
Anyway, got there about 5 minutes early, then suddenly saw teacher at counter so I went into room. I was thinking, maybe she didn't know I was in there...
Yes! :O I played the piano on my own and waited until like, 9.15 (my class ends at 9.30)!
I didn't have a watch leh!
Because (the most interesting part, lol)...
I climbed onto the piano bench... stood precariously on the edge and peered carefully through the little window :O To check if the coast was clear or not lah, I didn't want the teacher to see mah! :) Hehe...
Then... 'Coast is clear!' :D
I nimbly hopped from the higher ground (I sound like ninja lorh -.- Yo! 'Hiiiiii-yah!') and opened the door, before checking the clock outside lorh._.
So easy horh.
But then the fun was spoilt because the teacher came in le lorh.
Saddening leh! I wanted to last until the end of lesson lorh! D:
See I'm weird.
But I don't like piano anyway mah.
Bah. Quitting soon! :D

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@6:51 AM


Just had damn funny convo with myself, Ariel and Yvon! :O
Erm, I invited Ariel to Yvon's convo with me to demonstrate her English proficiency! :D
Then it turned into debate between Yvon & Ariel.
I tried to quell.
Anyway, Ariel started recording the stuff.
Mostly 'ahh's and a 'lol' and *whisper* the FeiHua Song.
Wahah! ;)
Right. Above!
See I'm a vlogger too! :O
OK fine I shall blog about erm... today's assembly talk! :)
Because I only remember that mah.
OK. So today's talk was about International Friendship Day:O
Which falls, apparently, somewhere April.
Then talk now for what!? ._.
I find that extremely weird indeed-.-
OK, so, I wasn't paying much attention.
As in, I listened, but...
Eh. Talked too! :O
Ariel answered 2 questions and got sweets, and gave me 2 sweets! :D
Yayness! :]
We-ll, there was a guy from Scotland, and a guy from Norway and a Singaporean masquerading as a Korean lady -.-'
So diao!
Anyway, Thalia helped me read my palm! :D
Apparently, I'll meet The Guy (yes *raises eyebrows* Thalia said, The Guy) late in my life, I'm damn independent, have a relatively long life, will have steady relationships and erm, I forgot._.
Scary lorh!
Maybe she's a zombie! :O
Waha, bye, have to revise okies.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@2:00 AM

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Why, why, why.
We ask questions sometimes.
They never do get answered, do they?
I still have to ask.
I studied.
I did.
Despite my initial unwillingness to study, I STUDIED.
sidenote: studied comes out as stupid. stupid.
And in the end? I got a stupid 38/60.
Congratulate me.
What a wonderful mark! :) I didn't fail!
Just now my mum called me.
Because in the school bus I sent her a SMS pertaining to this incident.
And lectured me.
Sadly, I didn't really pay attention.
I caught the gist, though.
1. I maybe never answer to questions.
(Very likely)
2. I lost touch with format of some questions like from P4, P5, etc.
(Also very likely)
3. I never revise enough.
(Also also very likely)
Therefore I shall spend two hours a day revising.
When the call ended, I cried like siao.
I could practically feel my heart break lorh.
I dunno.
I messed up my life.
I might as well go and die now.
There's no meaning in life now.
Is there?
I don't know.
But I have to life.
For all the people that love me.
Mushy, yes.
But whatever.
I wanted to blog about the assembly talks etc. by sorry, in no mood.
Don't blame me, really.
:) Cheer for me, people.
Cheer for me.
I love my mum.
OK this is random.

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@11:13 PM

//independence day:O.

Bleah title looking weird like siao! :O
But nair mind! :)
You all must be insulting me like shit. 12 and just went out alone?!
Yes. Due to my pampered nature, I've to disappoint you.
NYAA *sticks tongue out*
Whatever lah.
I think that maybe shopping for clothes and food and stuff is better, as opposed to shopping for project materials, but at least there's no adults or whatever guardian! :D
._. I was like, while walking to Causeway Point, dreaming about myself getting knocked down by vehicles and interviewed by Mediacorp and a certain blogger getting addicted to my blog.
And I was blogging in my head, but shit - forgot le.
Okay fine I'm like, really, DREAMING.
Anyway, I got the materials and decided, "HEY, I should really - get meself bubble tea!"
And I got it. And people complain again lor.
Buai, because I'm supposed to be printing my project! :D

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@4:44 AM

//according to this site.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Fiolefiofio!

  1. Fiolefiofio can be seen from space!
  2. Fiolefiofio cannot burp - there is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in her stomach.
  3. All of the roles in Shakespeare's plays - including the female roles - were originally played by fiolefiofio.
  4. Two grams of fiolefiofio provide enough energy to power a television for over twenty-three hours.
  5. The National Heart Foundation recommends eating fiolefiofio at least three times a week!
  6. It takes 8 minutes for light to travel from the Sun's surface to fiolefiofio.
  7. Fiolefiofio can taste with her feet.
  8. The smelly fluid secreted by skunks is colloquially known as fiolefiofio.
  9. Fiolefiofio is the only bird that can swim but not fly.
  10. If a snake is born with two heads, the heads will fight over who gets fiolefiofio.
Isn't it weird?
1. Kewl. I'm in the same league as the GREAT WALL! :O All hail, Fiolefiofio! :D
2. O.O I thought I could.
3. :D I set history lor! Bow to me! :D
4. Oh my. Then why I cannot finish my Maths test de. Sad.
6. That seems familiar! :O
7. I share characteristics with the humble housefly.
8. *cough*
9. I am proud.
10. *cough* What? What am I, the rat?!
Ohya I AM the rat. :D

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@3:28 AM


I'll post about yesterday okies (sorry lah yesterday really no time!!).
I threw a huge fit. About Maths.
My mum complained about how sucky my Math was, and about my AA.
My handed-in AA.
And she added something that would crash any child's heart:
If you get lousy marks for your PSLE go and collect the cert yourself.
And then I became determined to prove her wrong, and once I became the top scholar, I WOULD NOT ACKNOWLEDGE HER AS MY MUM. I'VE NO SUCH PARENT.
All in pique, of course. Like that's gonna happen lor. But I was so damn fcuking angry lah. I mean, who WOULDN'T be, when your mother assumes blah and blah and treats you like you didn't put in any effort at all.
Today she decided to treat us like we were normal un-relatives, and provide the basic stuff for us, without the love.
What's the use of a mother then? Neglects the child's mental health!
If your mum is like that (i.e. not caring at all lah) then she's not a good mother.
OK then after that emo incident, it was funny time! :DD
One of my aunts right, very diao lor! ._. Some funny things she said:
1. (when another aunt opened the Famous Amos packets) Everybody~! Come eat FAMOUS ELMO!
Everyone heard her.
Everyone turned to face her.
Everyone burst out laughing.
(Then horh, back home on the car lah, my brother was cracking stupid jokes like, "What's Cookie Monster's favourite brand of cookies?" Much to my cousin's laughter! :O
2. (to my cousin while she was eating her ice-cream) Oi, Valerie ah, don't like that lah, all the ice cream drip on the carpet....
My aunt's daughter (i.e. my cousin) was like, looking for said carpet before bursting my aunt's bubble. LOL.
OK fine, I'm getting insecure again. D: Very suckish post lah, I KNOW! Reading Xiaxue makes me damn small lor. I want to be a great Blogger, but like that horh...
A lame joke I cracked today:
Q: How do you know when a zombie's laughed?
A: The tongue will LOLL.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@2:59 AM

Friday, March 21, 2008

//bubble tea, and beyond.

Hooray! :)
I love bubble tea!
Therefore I shall be a wonderful gourmet today and introduce the bubble teas!
Everyone must cheer lor! :D
P.S. I've decided to heck-care other people's opinion of me and my various styles, regardless of social status! :D
OKOK... here goes!
P.S. Ratings' upon 5 hearts!
P.P.S. It's MY opinion.
1` MILK TEA (w/ pearls)
- Tastes like Milk + Tea (like. DUH.)
- Delicious! :) In a plainish kinda way lar.
- Not too sweet/strong, suitable for oldies (the people lar)
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
I think tis' perfect! ♥
2` MILK TEA (w/ peach jelly)
- Even better than 1)!
♥♥♥♥♥ Enough said;)
3` PEACH MILK TEA (w/ pearls)
- When the maker gets cranky it can be too sweet. D:
- Wonderfully sweet and juicy(!)
- Depending on store, the tea flavour can complement the peach nicely or completely overlap the flavour of the peach ._.
♥♥♥♥(♥) The bracket is the the not-so-good times lorh.
4` CHOCOLATE MILK TEA (w/ pearls)
- A tad sweet
- Great for un-choccie-filled days. :D
- It's like chocolate milk with tea. (it's ichiban lar!)

Maybe too sweet lor. D: Consume in extreme moderation then nice! :D
5` YAM MILK TEA (w/ pearls)
- It's bubble bubble tea lar! Really!
- Sweet, yet traditional.
- Suitable for not-so-oldies. (i.e. 40, 50?)

Me not a great fan of it.
6` YAM MILK TEA (w/ peach jelly)
- Yam takes over peach taste! D:
- Yam comes off too strong lar.
- Very, very, very sweet! :O
- Suitable for sweet-toothed people lar.
- I mean, VERY sweet-toothed people.

Sorry! To all those extreme chocoholics.
Buai, dinner.

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@3:32 AM

//song i wrote.

Ha. Ha.

burnt by my acid tears

Verse 1;

How long was it

Since I cried

Tears of sorrow, not joy.

Verse 2;

I need you,

You’re my pill,

Dunno why this is like that


I’m burnt

By my

Acidic tears

I’ve no idea

Why this goes

Round and round

Never to end.

*repeat chorus*

Verse 1;

I try

Not to cry

Blinking back

Verse 2;

I don’t

Really care

Why I’m this


*repeat chorus*

Ariel's blog/blogskin inspired. I wrote this.

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@12:05 AM

Thursday, March 20, 2008

//songwriter stardom.

I'm like damn sad lar.
I started this post, happy.
Because I thought I had made Niko happy with my lame and fcking stupid excuse of a song.
All fake lar.
Ariel was the one who did it, all by herself.
Yes, that's me.
I believed in someone. I thought I trusted.
Niko, it's not your fault.
It's mine.
All mine.
Quoted from Ariel's poem:


a bed of roses

without the thorns—


high on happiness

for so long.


smile with glee

sing a happy song—


cry tears of joy

laughing maniacally—

like you’re really happy.

quoth the powers that be, go through life

hyperventilating with ecstasy, so they won’t

ever have to do anything

to help us—

lie, cheat, steal, whatever it takes

to uphold the plastic façade on our faces

so that even with our last breaths

somewhere, far away,

we will be unashamedly, falsely


I've to be positive.

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@11:55 PM

//music makes me lose control.

She ran.
Ran through the dark, clad only in her hot pink tee stating defiantly, "MUSIC MAKES ME LOSE CONTROL" and toot trackpants.
Across the grass, back to her home.
She cried and cried, her heart shattered.
Then she went back.
Today I went to see doctor lor. For that lump thingy on my head lar.
OK. So went there, I don't dare tell the doctor, "OH, I'VE A LUMP ON MY HEAD."
Sound damn stupid lor! D:
So I ask my mum.
Apparently, NO SHE CAN'T.
Wants me to be independent. I want to go out on my own? No. Then, she forces me to do things myself without a warning. I thought she would help me say mah!
I'm 12, so magically independent. Wonderful:)
When I want her to let go, she doesn't. When I don't, she does.
Anyway I ran away. Yes. From the clinic. Back home.
And then I contemplated blogging, with tears and all.
But no, I decided not to. In case erm, she comes back very soon.
Then she rang. I went back.
Ohya, there was a couple *snogging* nearby. Thought it might be weird, with the same girl running past 3 times._.
Anyway, to cut things short, once I got back, we were extremely cordial while waiting for the doctor, except for the first part where she called me stupid because I ran away and missed my number. There was an adorable kitty sleeping on the chair there lor! And a similarly adorable baby boy who curiously looked at everything - including the cat! MUAHAHA! Everything was fine - more or less - when I saw the doctor! :D
Here's the cause - Laugh yet? - (link, click!) Head Pimple
Kuakuakua for me!
$24 for a pimple on my head!!
No, I'm not being sarcastic lor.
I had to grin widely (courtesy mah). My mum thought I really enjoyed the lil' talk. I was staring at his fake burger... Don't need like that lar! Enjoy a bit?
A funny part was when he pointed at my Crocs (fake de lar. I couldn't find my nicer slippers in a hurry. D: The Mickey ones:D) and said,
"You want to sustain your lifestyle right? Huh? How much is this?"
I couldn't stand it and kept laughing like siao.
My mum with this -.-' face pointed out that it was fake. -_-
Oh and, he went to write the PSLE score I want - 270 - on a piece of paper and ask me to stick on the lappie lor! D: I will die one lar. No lappie for one whole year... imagine!
Anyway, once we got out... we were treated to NEIGHBOURHOOD GOSSIP!
Apparently, my grandaunt and my sister are regulars the clinic! Receptionists say so one!
When she comes... they know how to siam le._.
I'm amazing because I can put up with her:D
I posted this day after doctor visit.
After I woke up, I started to eat my Big Breakfast, courtesy of Macs.
:) My brother had to disturb moi.
I hit him hard with the pillow.
My mum nagged for 30 minutes straight -.-
From that violent incident, she linked to my studies.
I'm improving, but need to improve more.
Better than never improve right.
And compared me with her friends' daughters, etc.
So much for the I-shouldn't-compare-with-other-people-better-than-me thing she always gets about.
I would gladly state nothing went in.
Ta-ta to do Math.
Later might go out! :)
To get bubble tea! :D
The tee did not make me lose control.
The world did.

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@7:34 AM


I'm blogging a lot today:D
Anyway, this post is very rant. So.. ._.
About ET. Not Etsy lar, but *ahem*.
Read ZX's blog or Niko's blog for more ideas!
Anyway, I think some teachers (note the SOME) are really overboard.
Look at this excerpt from Niko's blog:

"I believe that words have power. Whatever you say changes your mindset and changes your body. If you think that you're going to have cancer, your cells will deviate to that state and you will, eventually, get cancer [don't blame it on God]. If you listen to Beautiful Girls too much (suicidal... suicidal.. when you say it's oooh-verrr) you'll become suicidal, and sooner or later commit suicide."
Ooh. I always think I've some disease or something ._. Oh I will die ah?
Sorry lor.
Listen to Beautiful Girls will make you suicidal one.
Don't listen.
Make Sean Kingston out of business.
And why is Avril dragged into this?!
Niko I want full details about this incident OK!
-.- I think the one about Ariel's blog title (i'm bleeding inside) is very ridiculous lor.
Ariel IS emo. Doesn't mean she will bleed inside and suffer from internal bleeding right!
Very what leh! Curse us for what!
Actually, telling us this is wrong lor. Because the human mind when you say NOT to do something, then will do right? Same principle applies lor! When the teacher say cannot be suicidal, we will PIAN PIAN suicidal for her to see lorh!
Some teachers ah, their teaching methods a bit abnormal lor.
I've heard from XXXX and XXXX that this teacher also a bit ... unfair? -,-
Because that one time, someone asked her for the ERP if he/she could do on Dan Brown (author of Da Vinci). She say, cannot.
The ridiculous thing is what you know? The reason!
I don't like Dan Brown.
Siao boh.

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@3:42 AM

//hair is so love.

Back from bathing! :D
I realise my hair looks quite ballroom in the sense when I wash it and I design it (with soaps all fluttering over me like I'm the princess! Muaha!).
Yes. CANNOT MEH? Having aspirations to be famous hair-stylist is good OK. I'll be doing it part-time. And I might be helping at Kinokuniya when I'm like, studying so... OK this post isn't to talk about my aspirations. It's a girly
Can already imagine all the boys shrinking back in fear! :D
Anyway, I like change the shape of my hair lorh, like:

The rest of the hair is at the back, obviously. And I do not look like that, 100%. For one, I'm not made pixels:)
Nice boh! It suits my face, I feel.
Another fave hairshape of mine is like, when I tilt my head?

Don't ask me why this looks short. I dunno. Anyway, these images do not do justice to my lovely hair! D:
Ariel's almost done blogging. :D
Whee! :D
Random. Blah. :D

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@2:10 AM

//i am board.

I dunno why I hysterically, kept laughing when I saw something I typed lorh.
It is this:
to dearest ZX.
*laughs hysterically again*
I shall not force Ariel to blog although her blog is dying.
I will fcking not be a nice person and kindly/unkindly get people to revive their blogs.
Why should I? They don't want to blog, let their blogs die!
Then more people read my blog what!
I shall be a mean person. I am too wonderful altogether already! D:
Apparently, yes, got like that one.
My mum says so.
That time a few old aunties were at the MRT there, and suddenly I got pushed. D: By them.
I should have cut their queue, my mum says!
I think so to. I was in front of them first lorh. Good.
I shall be a mean person.
That time my mum allowed me to keep my takethemrt blog and she'd tell Michelle's parents about the stalker, or delete mon blog and keep quiet, I chose the latter.
Again, too kind.
Sigh. D:

i. must. be. kind.
See? I'm board right.

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@1:27 AM

//sian diao.

I'm damn bored lah!
I ca-nnot believe it lorh!!
3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and the teachers GIVE US ONLY 2 HOMEWORK LORH.
We have super lot homework the teachers give us more, we like me, SIAN DIAO, then the teachers boh give us homework. Only one or two lorh!
Freak lah! I in one hour can finish lorh! OMG!
Now I've to do what assignment le lorh!
Tamade lorh!
Homework is fun de lorh! I cannot possibly 24/3 stare at computer type what!
Why like that!
See, I damn bored then go and blog le lah.
See lah! OK.
I will go and put labels.
Because I'm sian diao.

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@12:19 AM

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

//the guy on da bus.

Yo, toe! : D
Courtesy of Sylvia. :)
I will blog today about this irritating P4 boy on my school vehicle lar.
He tries too hard.
Tries to be friends (fail), try to be funny (fail also) and irritates everyone in general.
In the morning, he go and shout, scream, laugh loudly. How come so active ah?!
While I was trying to sleep.
The bus uncle also buay tahan ask him to shut up.
A few minutes, yes...
Shout louder.
Somemore he giggles.
This afternoon, he was blowing this fat idiotic yellow balloon, and then he would let it go lah, so there's this somewhat fart-like sound. He kept doing it lorh. Annoyed everyone. Even his so-called, 'friend' who shouts with him in the morning.
Effing disturbing lah!! Then everyone like, ask him to shuddup.
Ask politely, he go and snub us.
Shout leh, he somemore buay song, must blow and let off somemore.
Freak lorh.
He tries too hard.
Tries to be sarcastic.
Failure again? Example of the best thing (which isn't good at all lorh)?
(When we said his behaviour resembled a one-year-old baby)
Yay! I'm a one-year-old baby!
Wonderful. He proved our point le!
Let's all clap for this wondrous miracle!
Xiaxue blogged. About Princess Room.
Rocks sia.

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@11:25 PM

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

//woo-hoo i is kewlio.

If you haven't realised yet, the title of all the posts is at the bottom lorh. I like making titles. :D
OK cut all the lamity and let's begin! :D
(Below is scanned from foolscap paper!)

(Click to enlarge)
Do not laugh at my handwriting, please! Ariel's is much worse! *cough*
My keyboard lagged.
Bleah. Anyway, the above paper is my listing of what am I going to blog about today! :D
Yayness! Haha.
The school started with aplomb. I cursed silently at the three irritating boys play-acting a boy, a teacher and a principal scene. I dunno what else because I fell asleep le.
Fast forward to courtyard scene. The teachers grouped us according to houses.
Why? Today's is Spots Hits! I mean, Sports Heats. Where the nominated people get selected. Or not. Kuakuakua.
Sorry horh, lost Blogging Bug now. Must calm down. D:
Anyway, around 8 or something we went to the basketball court. High Jump people went to compete. The rest stayed. I just have to tell you about this teacher lah. While we were separating ourselves into 2 groups (Cheering & Competing), first thing: she shouted at me OK. That was so rude of her. Even if she like, wanted me to go to the back (which she did want)- Don't need to shout right! Pah. Second thing. She was lame. :D
OK that's not very specific at all. Because the Competitors (I'm one of them, lah) she went to ask us to cheer. You know what's the first cheer?
"Hong long long long long. Hong long long long long. Hong long long long long, TU!"
OMG. I freaking still cannot believe lorh! D: *faint* Apparently, it's SPECIAL. *cough*
The train HONG LONG LONG LONG LONG thing somemore not enough, MUST GO AND PUT THE TU THERE *faint*
Then she go and pretend be a conductor and wave that recorder thingy around.
You know what a recorder looks like or not?
Above is one.
It go and ah-toot ah-toot look something like that. Only it's like, a pale beige? :) D:
The worst thing was (which hereby concludes the lamity of it all!) WHILE SHE WAS FREAKING WAVING THAT THING THAT THING WAS TOO LAMED OUT AND DECIDED TO FLY OFF HER HANDS!
OK actually that Lamed Out thingy didn't happen. But whatever.
*faint* I've been fainting a lot lorh.
After that lame teacher, we went to the Dance Room for more lame cheers. At least the rest weren't so lame lah. *phew*
Otherwise I 'll die of embarrassement. T__T
*cough cough*
I'm having cough *cough* very *cough* often *cough. D: *cough*
Anyway, after that I think we went to the Interaction Room (by then the competitors for the High Jump come back liaoh).
And we watched a movie.
You know, the start of the movie was like, flashing WALT DISNEY all over. I could practically bong my head lorh. I thought, eee, gonna be lame lah! Sadly, it was a Goofy Movie. Literally. :D However, the preview track or whatever it's called sounded good and adorable. Then, the Toy Story 2 preview track came out. See above feelings.
Alamak. In the end is some kind of schtupid show called ... I dunno. About Hockey de lah. D:
I tell you, the front part wasn't understandable. Only part I liked was the fighting/competing parts. Because the hockey players were stupid and keep falling lorh!!
Yes. I'm sadistic in that way.
*cue evil cackles*
Ahah, then my turn for 100metres le. I was last -,- Lost to a P5 boy somemore! D: Anyway, the timing was like 19sec 98millisec! Etsuko beat me. D: Very damn sad, because last time I was faster than her de lorh. !@#$.
Continue. Erm... *checks list*
Ohya. Recess.
I forgot to tell you all that horh, erm, today is hereby FLFF's 3R DAY! :D
Not that stupid no-use campaign about recycling lah. Is the REST, RELAX and RUMOUR day! :) Today I get to rest and relax (only 1 homework. Besides, today is Science Exam + Spots Hits lorh! D: Need my own personal time de horh! You never hear meh, Rest is to walk a Greater Distance, from some guy. :D) and also rumours are rampantly spread about me.
The Recess part tells it all!
*rewind to that part*
Anyway, I borrowed money from Etsy. She had to remind me about the Toe BiBo incident.
The BiBo means Bisexual Bimbo. That is used for Lin Qi in particular.
Wakaka! :DD Ohya. Anyway, yesterday I showed LQ, WR, Ariel and Etsy my toe. I love toes.
*wriggle toes*
Diao horh. Don't rubitinlelahiissadenoughleok.
Hem. Fast forward the recess part.
We had some time left so go classroom lorh! :D Then suddenly I was the Star and Etsy was evil.
Evil, not ewil. She effing went to say I called AYZ (my supposed crush, courtesy of her:) HOW NICE INDEED!) ZheZhe (this is only quoted from Fang Zhou! Effing liar.). Needless to say, I rebutted by saying she called DW, Wei-Wei. Which is perfectly true:D And then she told everyone about the toe-incident. Walaoeh. Like that also must spread meh? So what. Called me un-ladylike. Like she's the epitome of ladylike-ness herself! -_- So what if I took off my shoe in front of a boy! How dare she call me un-glam. Please lorh. You're NO BETTER.
Hmph. Anyway, then she go and call me lame when I erm, told Ariel that ZH (her supposed boyfriend, known by the whole world) touched my butt (actually he only wanted to rub off a brown patch -,- at the back of the shorts caused by mud or something but whatever, I still am PISSED. Didn't anyone teach him you're not supposed to touch a girl's butt, for who-knows-WHAT reason? Ewil!).
Ariel went to say something that related to marriage between me and him.
REALLY PISSED THIS TIME (no actually it was more of a don't-piss-me kind of thing), I went to lock her pencilcase in my locker. Serves her effing right. Stop calling me a toe. D: Even if I acknowledge my toe-ness doesn't mean you get to call me that, OK. And stop spreading groundless rumours, Ariel! That's the reason WHY I say you and ZH are having a relationship. Pissed, I am.
I was kind-hearted and told her *smack forehead*. Coincidentally Etsuko passed by and she muttered loudly, rolling her eyes,
Effing hypocrite. I hate these creatures. Huh?! She also called me lame when I laughably teased Ariel and we ran around. The crux isn't the lame thing OK. It's the rolling of eyes. Huh? Who TAUNTED me about AYZ!? Who hugged Ariel after saying she doesn't like her very much!? EFFING HYPOCRITE LAH! What's more, the teacher already say don't tease other liaoh. D: STILL GO AND DO! Huh?! Little Teacher's Pet gone where now!
I slammed my stuff and gave YX lian3se4kan4. Good for her. She was Etsuko's accomplice. I actually dunno why Etsuko is so damn popular lah.
Haughty, LAME, what else? Hmm... Hypocritical?
I am still angry. Anyway, DIGRESSS!
That time when the teacher changed seats, me and YX sat together while Ariel, YS and Etsuko sat together. I distinctly remember myself being:
1. Pissed.
2. Angry.
3. Upset.
4. Jealous
Pissed and angry because the three actually GOT to sit together.
Upset because me and Ariel can't sit together anymore D:
Jealous because I want Ariel all for myself. :D
Yes I'm selfish. So? I got jealous when Etsuko founded a friend in YX. Also, Etsuko was like HUGGING Ariel. Hypocritical flashed in my mind again.
And and, I was afraid Etsuko would take my place. Really. I'm damn scared OK. I've only one really close friend - Ariel.
*tears, of course this is for the effect*
Bah. Let's stop getting sentimental! D:
Anyway, after that was Science exam lorh. CY went missing! OMG! I didn't really pay much attention lah, because I was still emoing and sung a little song about my heart being burnt and chaos blazing and loneliness and stuff. I love the tune, but now I forgotten liaoh.
Anyway, CY was in the sick bay in the end.
During the exam, the teachers congregated by the front door and whispered damn loud. Loud enough to disturb me, but not loud enough for me to hear. D: I was like, damn annoyed lah! Want to talk about CY go outside. Do not disturb the genius at work!!
OK ego.
Waha. I took roughly 45 minutes to finish the paper, took about 10 minutes to check and spent the rest of the time looking around at random things, drawing a fat boy on Ariel's correction tape and drinking my I-Plus White Grape (smuggled into class as usual lah)! :D I love.
Oh yes, at the end of it I returned the correction tape to Ariel and on impulse, stamped the wet-and-drying image onto her cheek! :D
Kuakuakua for her! She tried to wash it off but still got a bit. :D
I decided to stamp MY face with a ToeToo. :D
AKA the ToeToe.
AKA the TaToe.
XD It looks cute lorh! Our form teacher ask what it was -,-
I spent the rest of the time wandering around and showing off my ToeToe. :D
:) Kuakuakua my TOE hit the printer!
OK this is a long post lorh! :D
Lemme go Word to check horhs.
So far...
1551! :D
Eh. I thought it was more than that leh! D:
Anyway, dearest devout readers, this must be a total and utter FEAST for you! :D
I'm being ego again.
As always.

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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Monday, March 17, 2008

//a summary.

Schtupidszx D:
Ewil! :(
I don't want to eat lorh, then they force me to eat again!
I will suffer from a dietary disorder soon! Is there a law against freaking horrid food?
That what shit pig leg smell is enough to put you off brekkie, lunch AND dinner. Throw in supper as well.
Anyway, back from supp! :D After a long bus wait lah. -.- There was this unwikipedish bus driver who like, didn't stop at the bus stop! :X Ewil! D:
On the way home I compiled a list of blogging material:
1. Pinko and its' effects on my stomach D:
2. Cancellation of p-i-a-n-o lessons
3. Eating at erm, erm... some restaurant
The rest is boring crap lah so don't bother.
The Pinko thing. No, ain't a new drug. It's a concoction my brother concocted at the said restaurant above!! Supposedly Ice Kachang. (The restaurant is like buffet + self-service O_O I cracked me first egg there! As in the chicken egg. Crack. Like, hit against a hard surface and open over pot. Geddit?) And he put like crapload of milk, muchs pink syrup (thus it's name!) and liberal amounts of those little round sweet thingys you find in Ice Kachang. Yep, quite addictive but my stomach doesn't respond kindly to erm, cold and sugar-overloaded food! D:
OK, the cancellation of lessons. Me = Hate it. Brother wanted to quit, I say I also, mum cry, mum cancel. D: We didn't mean it muchs, but still good riddance lah. I could painfully pass it through, but that's a lame reason to continue lah. -,-
The eating? We-ll, it was delicious. 'Nuff said.
Sorry for this stupid post. D: I've got to do my AA, my EL Biography, EL Grammar thingy and erm, my Math worksheet, and practise my piano! (Today still got! I hate 1-month notices! O_O) Tamade.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

//hmph to the l-o-l.

Just back from tuition *phew*.
Waha, I'm tickled by an incident that happened during the English tuition!
Some smarter ones may ask, "You've English tuition? BUT YOUR ENGLISH IS SO PRO MAN!"
Yes. But tuition is the root of all agony and my mum wants to torture me.
OK. 'Cos during Math tuition, the tuition before English, I was damn bored and drew 'tattoos' on myself. :D
2 XIAXUE ones, 1 AVRIL one, 1 LAVIGNE one and...
1 TOE one :D
*cue the -_-' faces*
I would very much like to take a picture of it, but sadly I don't have a camera so cannot lorh.
OK, so, after Math I completely forgot about the 'TOE tattoo''s existence! :O
Fast forward English lesson, halfway. :)
I sat with my right leg particularly outstanding lorh. And then the girls (gossipy) in front saw and started GIGGLING.
Oh, the shame *falls in a dramamama heap*!
I kept wonderfully stony-faced lorh. Dunno how I did it. O.O I wanted so much to punch them.
I thought, must be my nice Disney slippers. DD:
Something like this, only without the ugly red-and-black thing that detracts from viewing experience. And it was black, with gold Mickey Mouses. And it's in slipper-mode. Mum says it's like Chinese New Year all over again. Pui.
But no, it wasn't, as I found out much later on the MRT, after recalling to my mum this horrid incident. D:
She said, trying to hide her sniggers,
I know why your friends lah already. It's your toe.
Suddenly I had a vivid mental image of me carefully dotting the 3-letter word there: T-O-E.
On my toe.
Hmph! What's so funny about labelling my toe, toe! It's true what! Be glad I never label it BUTT lorh! -.-'''
P.S. My mum caught me, but didn't stop me. But lecture me, yes. D: Oh well. Never mind. I can't stop blogging, I know it. Like a toe, always walking.
P.P.S. Pardon toelame analogy.
P.P.P.S. I'm a TEOTOE, and my mother is an ANGARM

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Friday, March 14, 2008


And I hereby proclaim, Swensens's nickname to be *drumroll*:
Alright. Cut the lamity and begin.
(Right now I'm listening to a random AL song... Contagious.)
:D I went to Swens just now, after my AA slogging. D:
To munch and chomp on ICE CREAM!
My mum suggested it horh *points to mum*.
I did not, in any form, FORCE OR COERCE MY MUM! DD:
So anyway, falala we walked to Swens @ Causeway Point.
Ah:D Reached there le, then waited for a few minutes, then go inside lorh. -__-
By the way, my knowledge of smileys is widened by Wikipedia, read before Swens' Trip! :D
OK continue.
Alright, then we order.
Below are the freaking sweet orders:
Double Scoop; Butterscotch & Sticky Choco Mix with topping, Butterscotch
(Reminds me of the time I ate Double Scoop; Butterscotch & Butterscotch with topping, Butterscotch O_O The waitress was literally, O.O WAHA!)
TRAVIS'S ORDERS - (Travis - mon irritating brother)
Topless 5; Good ol' Vanilla, Sticky Choco Mix, ... I forgot lorh. Aiyah, all about chocolate lah. :/ Then he think the ice cream take super long to come to the table, and then he go and walk away to Popular or something. Then when he came back, a good half hour later, already half-melted and very unappetising. D: Then make me eat!! -__- I mixed with my remaining ice cream, stir, add more Butterscotch topping, then get some ice cream from my mum/brother and kept stirring and then drink lorh. O_O Ahah, taste quite nice actually, but my mum had to spoil the appetite by saying it GONNA TASTE LIKE SHIT! -.- Where got mother like that one ah! *shrug*
Nutty Madness or something about nuts lah. :?( She go and finish everything so fast lorh! Should eat slow slow like me. :D Can savourr the tastee. :D
Macademia Mania or similiar phrases. Then my Grandma complain about sweet blah blah -
Go take my brother one.
That's all lorh! No shopping, 'cos almost all the shops closed and my mum don't want to shop elsewhere! D: No photos as well, 'cos firstly, never bring camera. Secondly my parents would want to know camera for what, then they actually don't let me blog one OK! :( So must save up faster and buy a nice & cheap camera of my own! :D

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@7:16 AM

//i miss the days long gone.

Wanna turn back time. I forgot to camwhore!
Busy at home typing on the laptop, like now.
D: I haven't even PURCHASED any clothes, I tell you.
So sad lorh! :(
I don't want to keep this blog private. It's damn hard ok. I'm born for the stage.
Therefore, look out for the new URL, and preferably new pictures lorh.

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@2:00 AM

///dunno also leh.

Waha! I'd a wonderful convo with 2 of the best members any club could have, Ting and Niko!
Some funny parts, roughly:
1. When Ting said that yesterday her Grandma also kena HEART ATTACK, I said that she eat too much char kway teow. O_O Ting said no, her grandma eat FLUFF (her stupid variation of FLFF). I said no, that's indigestion, nothing to do with heart attack. Niko then said that's why got problem. I said, no, that's diarrhea. :}
2. I was pretending I knew French, then halfway through came the moment to say, 'LOL'. But the translator I was using dunno what, so...
._. im an adorable lil' smiley cans (: says:
laugh out loud
._. im an adorable lil' smiley cans (: says:
because the translator dunno what is lol.
Yah, not funny right? Exactly the reason why it's funny lorh!! :D
OK, yes... lame -___-
Waha, GTG do the Science paper I just found in mon bag. :)

You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

//le blog critique!

Helloooo, dah-lings! :D
I'm damn bored AND boliao, so, I shall be wonderful and post a post about bloggers! :)
Or more specifically, their blogging style! Because I loveI LOVE THEIR STYLES LORH!
Cut the crap lah, Fio. START!
1` Ting Ting [her blog]
- Her writing style is somewhat like mine, but a little less passionate.
- And a bit more twit. :/
- A casual style ;) Kewlio. :D
*unique! :D
2` Niko [her blog]
- Somewhat like mine (?)
- A lot more serious (!)
- Formal/Informal style mixed so !@#$ confusing I TELL YOU! :}
*verrryyy unique! :D
3` Ariel [her blog]
- Very different from mine!
- A lot more angsty and passionate
- Urgh so cheem some more D:
*very unique, but too unique le. D:
That's all! Oi, you - YES YOU: Must must must post about MY STYLE OK! :D

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@7:43 PM

//finally! *muack*

So looking forward to the Princess Room unveiling lorh! :D
Ting Ting says Xiaxue use a lot of vulgarities. '-'
Eee censorship - super unnice I TELL YOU!!
Yeah whatever, above's IRONIC right.
Aiyoh who cares lah. -.-
Besides, XX... let me see: What was I wanting to blog about again?
Oh yah! That irritating lame excuse of a brother.
Sadly, my brother.
And why I feel like hurling expletives at him leh?
1. He woke me up in the middle of my beauty sleep to ask me if he could wear my sport shoes. I SAID NO.
Super stupid lorh. I don't care if your own shoes couldn't fit. Effing blame yourself for not checking properly before going outing with your student care. Blah. Some more he's the worst brother you could ever have lorh. And son.
Dunno why all the adults prefer him, and my sister. It's so typically zhong4nan2qing1nv3 AND also zhong4xiao3qing1da4! DD:
Another thing I'm DAMN PISSED about. Attitude.
Yah, shut that crap about MY ATTITUDE. I'm not talking about MY ATTITUDE, no, it's -
Irrelevant sidenote: I hate tablets. They go gooey in my mouth, and they taste horrid.
my domestic helper's attitude. She always think of herself as the master of the house when my parents' aren't around. Talk back to my Grandma some more! I don't want to eat her horrid food (bleagh), she go and scold me; force me to eat some more. D: I say I not hungry, sometimes she STILL gimme the food lorh! D: What's her problem!
I choose what I want to do. YOU don't.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

//mas selamat bin kastari.

I'm not gonna break this trust you guys have in me by following the lame trend of Mas Selamat Bin Kastari posts lorh. -.-'
I never follow Post Trends unless I'm really interested in it lorh. And that's what's happening now. :)
So, I've got these images from Sheryl Teh Tarik. XD Ahah! Enjoy, people! :D

From! XD Very popular now lah! So damn funny. OMG SEE THAT HARRY POTTER THING BOH!
13 Different Disguises ... 1 Wanted Man - IS HE ONE OF THEM?!
Ooh. From an epic I guess.. XD
Alamak! Liddat pose damn jialat lorh! My hand pain already! That stupid sword why so heavy ah!
I'm kawaii, ne! :D Teehee!
What. Vampire Queen issit. This pose somehow reminds me of Queen Elizabeth lorh. -.-
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Maybe not so same after all. :O
Ma pose est - what what? So cheem, I cannot understand seh!
Malay Auntie. :} Waha! :] See his eyes dart suspiciously? Some more go and carry brown ugly bag to finish the posse. XD
Wah that soldier cannot see me! Heh...
I hope you enjoyed! :} BTW, here's the Avril Lavigne Club icon! All ALC members looking at this MUST post it up somewhere on their blogs! :DDD Yayness! :]

The 100X100px icon :D
Original size!

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You've got the poison, I've got the remedy.
@10:46 PM

//because i'm so damn boliao.

Yep. I deleted my old blog @
And why? 'Cos my dear mother requested me to do so.
She used emotional blackmail! D:
Being the kind-hearted person I am, I readily agreed to delete my blog, my face in tears.
Yepyeps! D:
But then a wave of nostalgia and determination swallowed me in whole, and I decided to rechope the URL, and now I'm setting this blog to 'Private'.
Yeah, no chance of me being a Blogger Princess this way, but *sigh*.
I'll wait till I'm in secondary 3 or something before I become one. That's not too late, is it? :D
Cut all this crap. I changed the blogskin and finally I'm posting! Ah, so glorious is the day!
Who am I kidding lah. Damn hot. .___.
I just registered to be a runner for Press! :D Wish me luck in becoming the youngest and most adorable member! :))
OK, I'm eating Nasi Lemak now and my nose is running again!
*Runs to catch escaping nose*
Got you! :D
*Runs to catch tissue paper box*
Hehe. I hope that food + disgusting bodily fluids thing didn't scare you.
Didn't make you think the bodily fluids in question dripped into the food...
Eww. D:

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However, if for whatever reason you decide not to be me,
You should delete all this and put in your own profile.
I'm paranoid of all the people I meet
you get the idea.

Leave the past in the past gonna find the future
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